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Did you miss me? May 21, 2009

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You probably think I’ve been remiss in writing anything of substance because of Andrew’s teething. You’ll be pleased to know (but you shouldn’t be surprised) that he’s handled it as he does most things: with grace and good humor. In other words, completely unlike his mother would. The tooth came through Monday and aside from sticking his hands in his mouth and gnawing like there’s no tomorrow, there’s no signs that anything has transpired.

Yesterday he also rolled over for the first time (back to stomach, for the those of you who like details). The night before I’d gotten out the video camera to record his attempts and his adorable blathering. Try as he might, he couldn’t navigate the full flip. Sidenote: this was the first time I’d gotten out the video camera. I’d just never seen the need to record our stilted conversations while I zoomed in on a blob of a baby. What a horrible mom, huh?

 When I went to pick him up  from daycare, she proudly announced that he rolled over. No pomp or circumstance, she just laid him on his back and bam! he flipped over and raised up like he was going to crawl. I tried not to be sad that he did it at daycare, but I was. I have to just accept that those things are going to happen; that’s a price I pay for not staying home. If I wanted to be sure I was the witness to all his exciting moments, I’d have to be the sole witness to all his less than newsworthy actions, too.

Speaking of which, I’ll be posing as a SAHM again in two and half weeks. I vacillate between fantasies about our many adventures (“We’ll go to the aquarium! And the park! But not the zoo because zoos creep me out for reasons I can’t really articulate, they just do, and I know that aquariums aren’t that much different but they are because I said so!” ) and flashbacks to the mindnumbing haze of desperation that clouded my maternity leave.

The summer will be full of diversions, and we can leave the house, two marked differences from maternity leave. Oh, and he sleeps now, so that’s an improvement. I’m still learning how to NIP (Nurse in Public. I love that acronym.) as he doesn’t seem to like the cover much. That might affect our plans a little at first until we get the hang of it. Anyway, we’ll have my family reunion early in June, Mr. Aggie and I will take our first weekend getaway in July (I’m already fantasizing about sleeping through the night. No lie.) then we finally head up to New Hampshire the next weekend. I think these travels will keep it interesting enough for me to enjoy the rest of the down time that Andrew I will have.

Oh, a note about his sleeping. Tell me this isn’t strange: he goes down between 7:15-7:30 every night. He then wakes up at 8:15 on the dot (an hour later) ready to party. No amount of cajoling will soothe him back to sleep. 9:15 rolls around and it’s lights out for real. Is that normal?


3 Responses to “Did you miss me?”

  1. sweetpea7628 Says:

    Jealous! Em only went from her stomach to her back! Andrew has proven that he’s way stronger than Em. Way to go Andrew!!! Oh and she rolled agian at daycare…and still not for me. Brat.

  2. Brooke Says:

    Sebastian does something similar with the sleeping. I don’t get to leave work with him until 9pm, and he falls asleep on the way home. Then he’s up for about an hour wanting to play, and then he’s down and out for the night.

  3. Mrs.H723 Says:

    Yep – I’d say it’s normal. Clay used to take a “late nap” like that, but we’ve finally gotten him to the point where generally if he goes down around 7:00 or 7:30 he’s down until morning (uh, except for the brazillion wake ups he has during the night).

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