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Holy Cow, Y’all May 17, 2009

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He’s teething.

At 3.5 months, he’s teething.

Seriously? He’s been drooling like crazy and Mr. Aggie said he thought he was getting a tooth. I dismissed such a ridiculous notion. Then, today, Andrew grabbed my finger and stuck it right on his lower right gum as if to say, “Look, woman, he’s not stupid.” Sure enough, it’s plain to see and feel, a sharp, white little tooth trying to poke through.

I apologized to the spouse, now I’m off to research what this whole teething thing means.

Holy cow, y’all.


3 Responses to “Holy Cow, Y’all”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Holy cow is correct! Your baby is an overachiever!

  2. Mrs.H723 Says:

    That suuuuuuuuucks – teething is hell, and I am very sorry for you. :-\

  3. Sweetpea7628 Says:

    He’s right on track with Em! She’s teething as well and it BLOWS!!!!! Good luck! Hopefully we can both get through it alive!

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