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car blogging, take two May 17, 2009

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I was 85 percent through a post about how I’m getting the hang of blogging in the car from my phone when I hit the wrong key and lost the whole thing. The irony is not lost on me. What follows is what I can recall.

So I’ll be updating more now that I’ve figured out how to do so via my blackberry. The only drawback is that, from what I can discern, I’ll be doing it without the assistance of spellcheck. No lie, assistance was my third choice there but I couldn’t spell the first two.

We’re down to the last thirty minutes of our three hour return trip. On the way down the last half hour was complete torture, with me sitting in the middle of the back seat doing everything short of trying to hoist my boob into the carseat in an attempt to quell his screams.

The first leg of the return trip started to head south about the hour mark, but after a stop at sonic to stretch his legs and nurse (classy, no?) he’s been asleep the rest of the time. Mr. Aggie and I have been singing along to an old mix cd from our college days (Fish Spurs? Anyone? Redneck Girl? No?) And we’re not stopping, just in case our off-key warbling is what’s keeping him happy.

God bless Diamond Rio.


One Response to “car blogging, take two”

  1. biomaj5 Says:

    I know what you mean about losing a post! I spent 45 minutes typing a long one on my iPhone when DH called me and I lost the whole thing. Very frustrating!

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