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Because I can’t stop posting today. May 12, 2009

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1. I’m making a concentrated effort to call Andrew by his given name instead of Stinks. I’ve been scared into action by my mom’s cautionary reminder about one of her cousins who married a man named Stinky.

2. I really want to cloth diaper but Mr. Aggie says no. Well actually he says I have to submit a detailed cost analysis which is basically the same thing as no to a girl who has to “carry the one” when calculating tips.

3. I lurve co-sleeping and breastfeeding and I am not looking forward to kicking Andrew (almost typed Stinks) out of our bed this summer.

4. I’m trying to plan my mom’s 50th birthday party for this weekend and it’s very stressful. She keeps adding guests to the point that we might be able to apply for statehood before the night is over.

5. To get to said party we’re driving 2.5 hours and it will be St Andrew’s first long car trip. I’ve been talking to him about it on the way to daycare every day but he just chews his firefly and stares out the window. I don’t think he knows how momentous this is.

6. We’ll be gone for the whole weekend and he’ll be manhandled by the entire town of Mayberry. Bring on the Germ-X.


2 Responses to “Because I can’t stop posting today.”

  1. Mrs.H723 Says:

    Here you go – – the cost of cloth vs. disposables. 🙂

  2. Craig Says:

    Take that, Mr. Aggie.

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