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Toss me a loincloth and meet my friend, Wilson May 8, 2009

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I don’t care if I’m the last holdout on Earth, I refuse to go anywhere near the clusterf*ck that is Twitter. I will never type the address or follow someone like a misguided lemming. And I absolutely REFUSE to add to my vernacular the inane term that I believe denotes the actual post someone makes to their page or whatever-I-don’t-know-but-I-heard-Diane-Sawyer-say-it-and-that’s-just-wrong (hint: it’s the sound a bird makes). Shudder.

I know this might offend some of my Twitter-happy readers, but how freaking narcissistic do you have to be to think people need a constant play-by-play of the daily minutiae that is your life? I myself am guilty of the occasional status update on Facebook, but that’s different. I’m not sure how, but it is. Also, I’ m aware that I have to be pretty self-centered to have a blog,  but people tell me all the time that I should and that’s it’s funny and that I have nice shiny hair.

If you need me, Wilson the volleyball and I will be surfing blogs (including yours) on my Google Reader which I just learned how to use.  Yeah, I know that’s pathetic. Shut your face. *

*I was going to say “why don’t you go ____ about it” but honestly, internets, I couldn’t even bring myself to type it. I HATE THAT WORD. Besides, there’s always room for more well-played ‘shut your face’ directives in the world.


9 Responses to “Toss me a loincloth and meet my friend, Wilson”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I like Twitter. I use it less for things like “I am now eating a sandwich” than for thoughts and weird stuff that’s way too short to justify a blog post. It’s not that much different from facebook statuses, except that people would remove me from their feeds if I updated on facebook as much as I do on Twitter.

    Sometimes I look at the Twitter of a guy who writes a webcomic, and it looks like he and his friends can have these big, multi-way conversations. I think that would be the ideal way to use it, but I don’t have enough friends on Twitter for that to happen.

  2. mrs.maybride Says:

    I am one of those who thinks you are hilarious. I love reading your blog and find myself feeling giddy when I discover you’ve updated. And you do have shiny hair. I’m certain of it.

  3. Mrs.Rotty Says:

    I’m sooooooooo with you. i do not have one. i don’t really ‘get it’ yet. i haven’t been on twitter. i’m living in my 4month long under a rock stay. we’ll see how long i last once i get home though.

  4. sazzette Says:

    I’m with you! I don’t get Twitter. I do have FB and I update my status a lot but Twitter seems a little too much. At least I’m not the only one not loving Twitter! LOL

  5. aggieonboard Says:

    Craig, a plague on both your houses. Errr, your apartment.

  6. theresa Says:

    You made me laugh. No chance you live in Alabama and want to be my friend?

  7. poeia Says:

    Interesting Twitter pages do not have “the constant play-by-play of the daily minutiae” which you described. I post things I find funny, and I am fine going days between posting a tweet. A far cry from being narcissistic.

    But hey, way to take a stand!

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