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Teetering on the edge of a new obsession April 27, 2009

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I tend to be a rather obsessive person. When I’m into something, I’m in it to win it. This is good for things like diets and bad for things like a friendly game of air hockey with the husband. When I was pregnant, we had to forgo trips to the arcade lest I maim myself or unborn child due to the illogical amount of vigor with which I approach that activity. I’ve never played a game of air hockey that I didn’t wake up sore the next morning from pushing down so hard on the whatever-it’s-called.

Back to the point. I’m perilously close to becoming a rabid amateur photographer. My dad knows quite a bit about it and was really into it when we were growing up. I’m excited about possibly learning from him, but nervous because I don’t want him to be disappointed if I turn out to be the photographer equivalent of a primate.

This potential new undertaking is also dangerous for many reasons :  I know absolutely nothing about photography, which means it will take quite some time before I’m any good at it. This is especially worrisome because I tend to abandon and or scorn any activities at which I do not excel (remember the basketball diatribe?). Also, this is not a cheap hobby. Rock collecting, that’s something you can do without impacting the family budget.  And I go all out, remember? I’d be wanting to load up like a full time paparazzi from the get-go.

What’s most concerning to me, though, is that I will start to look at photos of Andrew with an even more critical eye. I already get bent of of shape when I accidentally cut off the top of his head or leave out an errant toe. What else will I find to judge once I actually have a vague sense of what I’m doing?

For the moment I’m dipping my toes in by editing images shot using the idiot settings (read: settings for idiots, not that the settings themselves are inept in any way) on my fancypants camera. I like this one, even though I’ve somehow made him look like a redhead:


And this one is my new computer background:


So, what say you, internets? Do you have any dire warnings or welcome encouragement to send my way?


7 Responses to “Teetering on the edge of a new obsession”

  1. Yolanda Says:

    Taking pictures is fun, but photography, my friend, is an art. A great photographer’s work can bring about so many moods from tranquility to frantic rage. His/her work can make you reminisce or start to wish. Yes, photography is a fine art. There are all types of people who pick it up as a hobby, from the calmest person to the person hopping around with ADHD; the one thing that the great photographers have in common is their ability to “see” more than what’s actually there or to make “us” see what we’d otherwise miss. I think you can do this, even and especially with your obsessiveness…LOL…because you already have a flair for finding the unique. Good luck in your photographing endeavors :).

  2. Hilary Says:

    I have heard that the most important thing to taking good pictures is to taking a LOT of pictures…so keep snapping away and learning from your shots! I’m interested in photography too, but usually time constraints win out over ‘the perfect shot’. Good luck!

  3. Bada Says:

    Best book I’ve read on Digital Photography. I’d also try to find a book on your particual camera model so you can figure out what each of the settings really does (or see if there’s one online). You don’t need an expensive camera or lens to take good pictures (I shoot with a Canon Powershot SD800 point-and-shoot and a Nikon D40 with the kit lens and have never been disappointed with the outcome). Knowing how to use your camera and knowing where to focus will result in great pictures.

    Good luck!

  4. Rachel Says:

    All I have to contribute is that, apparently, if the two of us ever played air hockey against each other, someone would DIE. (Possibly an innocent bystander.)

  5. Winsy Says:

    I’m an “amature” photographer as well. (took lots of B&W photo classes during HS and college) Well, my DS has something like 3,000+ pictures of him (digital, not including some film) that I took of him since he was born. He’ll be 4yrs next month :O

    I love taking pictures but I don’t have a professional camera or any lighting set-ups (ask frootloop about this if you are interested). I do have a really cool book on how to photograph children though. If you want the title let me know on BOTB.

    Oh, and my photograpy obsession turned into a scrapbooking obsession because I had to do something with all those pictures… yeah. Talk about breaking the bank!


  6. shotzie Says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter. 🙂 I studied photo in HS and college and am a bit of a wannabe professional photographer. Lots of people can take nice pictures, but the great ones are b/c the person has an “eye” for photography. You just know what will look good, what angle to shoot from, how to compose the shot…I think you’ll do great with photography. You seem like a very creative person.

    Like you said, photography is very expensive. I like buying lenses, etc. from Amazon b/c they often have the best prices and you can read lots of reviews from people who use them.

    Like a pp mentioned, you have to take tons of photos and then you’re likely to have a handful (at least) of awesome shots.

    Good luck! And I look forward to seeing lots of new pics on your blog in the future!

  7. Rachel Says:

    Photoshop is a bitch. That’s my advice. It’s hard and a pain in the ass. I need a class, and I have the easy version.

    Have fun with your obsession!

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