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Sleep, glorious sleep April 5, 2009

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Let it be known that Stinks Magee slept for almost twelve hours Friday night, waking up only for feedings at four hour intervals. ‘Twas magnificent.

Daycare certainly agrees with him. In case I haven’t shared this information before, he’s staying with a wonderful lady by my school who keeps only a few teachers’ kids. Everyone who has come in contact with her raves about her. Andrew’s first day was Wednesday and he has been having a blast. She is amazed at how great a baby he is, but that is not news to us.  The only hiccup has been her lack of familiarity with breastfed babies; I can’t believe that in 27 years she’s only had formula babies. She’s really curious and open to learning about it, but she has wasted a bottle or two not realizing that I can’t just conjure up more on demand.

He’s been sleeping like a champ while he’s there and it’s really helped his nighttime sleeping as well. He’s sleeping in his crib for a few hours each night and in a co-sleeper in our room for the rest of the night, not because he needs it but because I’ve been to lazy to get up for night feedings.  

Things are looking up, my friends.


3 Responses to “Sleep, glorious sleep”

  1. Brooke Says:

    It really surprised me that people know little about breastfeeding. People are always asking me where S’s bottle is and things like that. Yay for sleep!

  2. mrs.maybride Says:

    Thanks for this post about Andrew sleeping. It gives me hope that one day Joshua will decide to do the same…

  3. sweetpea7628 Says:

    I’m so happy to hear that he’s doing great at daycare!!! And even happier to hear that he’s sleeping so good for you. It really makes a world of difference when you return to work if your baby sleeps well. I’m not sure I would have been able to return to work so soon if Emme wasn’t such a great sleeper!

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