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Andrew’s Check-Up March 31, 2009

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We had his two month check up yesterday and he weighs in at 13 lb 12 0z.  He’s in the 95th percentile for length, which is pretty remarkable considering he’s got stubby little legs like his mommy and daddy. He was a little fussy during the visit and we knew it was only going to get worse when they gave him the dreaded shots. I was nervous about it all day long, but it actually ended up not being that bad. He screamed like a crazy person for a couple of minutes, but by the time we got him back in the carseat he was calm. He was just looking at us like “What the heck just happened to me?!”

I was worried he’d be a fussypants all night, but we kept him on a strict schedule of baby tylenol and he slept like a champ. We had Nibbles wear him in the Moby wrap (I should’ve taken a picture) and I went to take a bubble bath before retiring to bed at 9:00. I only woke up for one of his feedings and slept through a thunderstorm. Actually, he and I both slept through it, and he only woke up for one more feeding than I did. It was blissful.

Tomorrow: daycare.


One Response to “Andrew’s Check-Up”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I’m jealous of the gals who get to take care of Stinks at daycare. Daycare babies are good babies.

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