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An update in few words March 30, 2009

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Last week: Fine.

This weekend: Nice.

Last night: Sucked hardcore.

I’m reading a book about how to help Stinks sleep longer and in his own bed. I’m not as concerned with the sleeping longer; there are few things we can do at this stage. Still, there are several things we are doing wrong (keeping him up too late, no routine, etc) that might be costing me some winks.

The first step in the process was to keep a log of his naps and overnight. The nap log looks great. The overnight not so much. Observe:

6:30 nurse (short)
6:45 play
6:55 fusses
7:10 asleep on me
7:20 put in swing
7:30 awake
7:40 swaddled
7:45 nurse 
8:05 place in swing
9:45 wake up, nurse
10:15 place in snuggle
11:30 wake up
11:35 asleep
12:00 wake up, nurse
12:20 asleep (back)
1:00 awake (tummy ache)
1:10 asleep
1:30 awake (rock)
1:40 asleep
2:00 awake (rock)
2:15 nurse
2:40 awake, barf, change
2:55 nurse
3:05 rock
4:20 wake up, nurse
4:30 sleep on Nibbles
5:40 wake up, nurse
6:00 asleep in swing

If I make it through the day without causing bodily harm to a child it will be a miracle.

In other news, Stinks has his two month checkup today, which means shots. My stomach is in knots. Also,we took his two month pictures right on time yesterday. Behold:




6 Responses to “An update in few words”

  1. nlvaden Says:

    He is so BIG! I love his smile.

  2. MacKenzie Says:

    I thought he was cute before, but that smile and those big eyes. It’s almost too more adorableness than I can stand.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Look at those expressions! He’s such a person now!

    (Oh, and I’m still morbidly curious about what went down at your birthday dinner.)

  4. C.Vodicka Says:

    AW! Now I see why you were so sleepy and left me out of the DDOC email….you have a good 20 excuses there. I hope tonight is not such a painful night! Get some rest!

  5. aggieonboard Says:

    You ladies are too kind.

  6. Brooke Says:

    Awww he is so cute!

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