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And so it begins. March 23, 2009

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Today I became a working mom. I don’t know yet how the label fits. I’m glad to be back doing something with my day, but I miss Stinks like whoa. Now before the SAHM get all up in arms about the ‘doing something’ comment, allow me to explain. All I mean is that the hours seemed to blur together at home (feed, sleep, poop, repeat) and I would lose entire weeks without noticing. Every hour or two I would have to mentally recalculate what day it was. Now my days will have definition and structure, and I’m a freak for structure. When the principal welcomed me back on the morning announcements, he also warned my kids to be careful and told them it was time to get to work. He wasn’t kidding.

Stinks is at home with Nibbles (doesn’t that sound like the beginning scene in a weird cartoon?) and I’ve called to check in only once. Both parties seem to be faring well. I think I’ll be okay to as long as el principe is getting one on one attention. The idea of him having to compete to have his needs met at daycare next week breaks my heart. Must not think about that now.  Here’s two happy images to make me (and you, oh empathetic interwebs) feel better.




One Response to “And so it begins.”

  1. C. Vodicka Says:

    That little boy is just too cute!!! Glad you are back at work with us! But, I can only imagine how much you miss that kiddo while you’re here!

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