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Yay for Nibbles the clown! March 16, 2009

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My mom (aka Nibbles the Clown, so named for how she tries to nibble Andrew’s face off every time she picks him up) is coming to spend the day. That means I get to go shopping alone and take a nice long nap in which I sink into a deep sleep that only comes when you’re not constantly waiting for someone to start wailing. I’m serious about that PTSD thing–I really hate to go to sleep because my stomach drops when he cries.

I’m not as excited about the shopping, only because I have to buy work clothes for my funhouse-mirror-esque physique that I don’t plan on keeping for long (the physique or the clothes).

For now we’re just hanging out, since SOMEONE woke us up by pooping at 5:45 and deciding that was a good time to get his day started. He’s strapped into his bouncy chair grinning like a loon while I wait for my chocolate chip muffins to finish baking. Yum!


One Response to “Yay for Nibbles the clown!”

  1. Yolanda Says:

    So, how did Nibbles handle her role this week? I’m afraid I may have to come and defend my title…
    “Nibbles the Clown vs. Honorary Auntie-Haven’t-Seen-My-Cuddlebug-In-Two-Weeks!”

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