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The saga continues March 12, 2009

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I don’t know how long I have before Stinks realizes he’s still in his car seat but not in the car. He’s always quite peeved to wake up under those circumstances.

We were at the pediatrician’s for over two hours today, including a trip to get an x-ray of his tummy. So far everything looks okay, we’re going to have to go with 100% fancypants formula for now and see what happens. Dr. Lopez is also going to talk to the GI specialist to see if they want to see him tomorrow or wait until next Friday to give the formula a chance before we go to an even more specialized (read: expensive) version.

Stinks did a fantastic job everywhere we went. He complained about the x-ray and the blood draw, but who can blame him? You’d be peeved too if some stranger stripped you down to your underpants and pressed you against a cold board without even asking. His mom was a wreck, though. Between the devastation of having to give up breastfeeding indefinitely and the total lack of sleep or food (it’s quite difficult to make a palatable dairy-free breakfast on the go) it’s a wonder they didn’t haul me off to to the nuthouse before all was said and done.

The good news is that I don’t have to do the diet anymore, which is nice because Saturday is my birthday and dairy free desserts leave something everything to be desired. I’m going to keep pumping because if I am able to return to  it, it will be because he doesn’t have a milk protein allergy and something else is to blame for the deviant poo.

Overall we’re very lucky; he’s happy, gaining weight like a champ (13 lbs now!), and otherwise healthy. There are lots of folks with kids who aren’t so fortunate.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my mom is here to take care of Andrew so I’m going to go make some lunch (I’m thinking of having mashed potatoes smothered in cheese and topped with ice cream, but that might be a little hasty) and then get some shut-eye.


One Response to “The saga continues”

  1. Rachel Says:

    If you replace “ice cream” with “sour cream” it stops being a joke and starts being the most delicious thing I’ve thought about all day.

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