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It’s as if he knows (and other random observations) February 2, 2009

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Every once in awhile, I catch Andrew looking at me (ok, we all know he can’t really see more than a few inches in front of his face, but humor me) with this expression that says, “You really have no idea what you’re doing, do you?”

Last night was our first night unattended with the babe. There was a moment of sheer terror when I realized that all our guests were gone and no one had forgotten their baby-he was ours and ours alone, forever. Eeeeep. I stayed in the living room with him until after his midnight feeding, me playing on the internet/watching the cat watch him, him rocking out in the bouncy chair that makes me want to pledge all my worldly possessions to the geniuses at Fisher-Price. We went to bed after the feeding and he only woke up to nurse or politely (read: at the top his lungs) request a diaper change.  I still didn’t sleep more than a few hours, but I’ll be taking some naps today.

We’ll be enjoying the day as a family (!), the highlights of which will include our first trip to the pediatrician and a stroll around the neighborhood. Perhaps it is the hormones (and if so, bless them) but I just feel overwhelmingly blessed and content. Mr. Aggie and I enjoyed our marriage immensely before Andrew came along, but now it’s so much…more. It has a purpose and a product and a depth I didn’t imagine. There is a new life on this planet because we fell in love, and that’s pretty amazing.


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