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Dear Lenny January 28, 2009

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You have no idea what you are in for, my friend. Right now you’re curled up safely in the only world you’ve ever known. Soon, it’s going to be changing. You’re going on a journey that you won’t understand. You’ll probably be scared and confused, but finally you’ll hear my voice. You’ll know my voice. You’ll be snuggled safely against me and then you’ll notice another familiar voice. It’s deeper and it’s Daddy’s. We’re going to take care of you and love you, protect you and nurture you, and most importantly–we’re going to let you be you.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. I want to be the perfect mom and I know that’s not possible. By accepting that, I’m allowing you to not be the perfect child. You’ll still be better than anyone else’s kid, mind you, but I won’t expect perfection. Daddy and I will expect you to follow your dreams, be honest, be thankful, and simply be yourself. We’ll work hard to show you what that looks like in our own lives.

I’m supposed to try and sleep right now, but I’m so anxious and terrified that I can’t. I keep looking at this tiny bassinet to my right, knowing that soon you will be placed in it. Soon you will come into the world, crying and flailing, and you will be placed there. You will be a boy or a girl, you will be coneheaded or not, you will be a screamer or not. 

No matter what you aren’t, you’ll be perfect, you’ll be loved, and you’ll be mine. 




4 Responses to “Dear Lenny”

  1. Aunt Lori Says:

    So, not only are you the wittiest girl I know, you are already a beautiful mother with amazing feelings & plans to welcome your new boy or girl to this world.

    It’s hard to type and/or think with tears in my eyes. I am so proud to know you (and Mr. Aggie, of course) and can’t wait to meet your lovely child.


  2. Aunt Lori Says:

    We are so excited…wish we were going to meet our newest family member (little A&M) soon! I can’t believe we were just there and they wouldn’t let you have the baby early!

    Aunt Juju called with the news…won’t spoil it for your faithful readers!

  3. frootloop Says:

    AHHHHHH aggie this made me cry!!

    congrats! he is so sweet
    welcome to the world andrew!

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