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Operation Eviction January 26, 2009

Filed under: pregnancy — aggieonboard @ 5:14 pm

Though I have made a tiny bit of progress, we still need to open the escape hatch a little more for Lenny to be able to exit. Thus, we’re getting admitted tomorrow night at 8:00 to try a couple of more treatments before the Pitocin Police roll in Wednesday morning.

This is good news because it means we should be safely at the hospital before the icing starts. Not sure what will happen with the grandparents traveling but we’re going to work that out later tomorrow.

Random notes: Tomorrow night’s dinner was going to just be hotdogs for me since Mr. Aggie should be at class, but in light of recent events I’m voting to upgrade since it will be my Last Supper until Lenny’s living large on the outside. Suggestions?

Also, during today’s visit, Dr. Doom said the creepiest sentence ever uttered in my presence: “I’m touching your baby’s head through the bag of waters.”

Creepy, I tell you.


7 Responses to “Operation Eviction”

  1. April Says:

    There’s an awesome italian place in downtown Bryan…CafeCapri I think? Definately not a place you’d take a baby, so go enjoy it now! 😉

  2. April Says:

    p.s. And best of luck with everything. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and cant wait to hear what kind of adventures yall have getting Lenny here! 😉

  3. MacKenzie Says:

    As exciting as the arrival of Lenny’s head (and by extension, all of Lenny) is, that is very creepy.

  4. frootloop Says:

    you should totally upgrade to weiners and kraftdinner (mac n cheese)

  5. Rachel Says:

    Yeah, if Mr. Aggie is ditching class, you two should do it up right! Maybe Chili’s? (What? I love Chili’s!)

  6. Marriah Says:

    You re funny. Great writing skills~I never read blogs b/c I just don’t find them interesting…yours are different.

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