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An Ode to Twila January 23, 2009

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I did have to go back for another treatment as expected. Today’s experience was much, much more pleasant though. For starters, triage was basically empty so I got to enjoy Twila, the fabulous nurse, all by myself. She was extremely good at her job and I am much more optimistic about today’s attempt than previous ones. It also helps that Dr. Doom doubled my dosage of the meds.

So for now, we wait yet again. I go back at 3:10 on Monday for another doctor’s appointment, but I’m hoping to have Lenny on Sunday since that’s when Twila is working again. If I have to have the baby before then that’s fine, but if not Sunday would be great, too.

Right now I’m sitting in the living room, rocking in the glider because she said that might help get things moving, and talking to Lenny. I’ve mentioned all the reasons to come out and I’ve told Lenny not to be scared, that we’ve got things under control and it’s going to be great. I hope the kid listens.


One Response to “An Ode to Twila”

  1. Aunt Lori Says:

    here I sit in beautiful San Juan wondering about you, Mr Aggie and Lenny. Then I thought ~ check out the blog…see what’s happening since Monday’s appointment.
    OMG ~ you’ve been having such a wonderful time wearing out the carpet between your house and L&D triage.
    I hope Saturday and Sunday bring more effaced and more dilated progress (and witty comments).
    We love you and are amazed at your strength and patience. Having two boys and never having to experience what you are going through makes me ever more proud of you.
    Keep up your strength and we’ll keep checking in on you via this blog. Thanks for keeping us and the rest of the world posted on your progress.
    I can’t wait to pick up a copy of your writings in the best sellers section of Barnes & Noble.
    Love, Me

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