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How about today? January 13, 2009

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Let’s check the birthdays, shall we?

Patrick Dempsey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Bull” from Night Court…

Sorry guys, it’s not looking good.


5 Responses to “How about today?”

  1. C. Vodicka Says:

    I read them all and am now caught up on you, Mr. Aggie, and the life of Lenny! I think you should write a book…perhaps the first years of life with Lenny or something. I loved your blog and I’ll continue reading from now on! Now I know what to expect when Zach and I try for baby. But for now, I’ll begin my first blog with wedding talk. Hope your day in fifth grade is going well. Here in fourth…not so much!

  2. Craig Says:

    I believe it’s also Orlando Bloom’s birthday. It’s our anniversary, too. I think you should change your view of today.

  3. MacKenzie Says:

    Yah, I think today is a good day… because Patrick Dempsey is hott. Oh, and January 13th was the best day of my life…but mostly because Patrick Dempsey is so hot.

  4. aggieonboard Says:

    How is it possible that the BRC Anniversary isn’t listed on the celebrity websites?!

    I’m pretty ‘meh’ about today. I was never a Seinfeld fan, but Bull rocked out on Night Court. And many people do see the appeal of Mr. Dempsey. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if today was the day.

  5. Rachel Says:

    “Many people see the appeal of Dempsey” is how I feel about him, too.

    Was it today? Also, how will we know? Will Mr. Aggie blog something? Will we just have to guess it if you a couple days without updating? Will you post pictures of the baby on here or will you pixelate his/her face?!? I AM SO FRAUGHT WITH QUESTIONS.

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