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A Date with Doom January 12, 2009

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This one was a doozy. First there was the requisite pee in a cup challenge (I think I could do this professionally at this point. There should at least be a medal competition.) which I aced because I slowed down after last week’s mishap.

Then I was probed, and Dr. Doom mentioned the head is definitely lower but I’m still not dilated or effaced. I wasn’t as disappointed as I expected to be at the news. I’m realizing that in a week or two we will have a baby, and we’ll be parents for the rest of our lives. Suddenly I’m not in such a hurry.

Then came the ultrasound adventure. It started with two new nurses (new to me, don’t think they’re new to the office) who took great delight in writing “Hi Doctor!” in aqua-gel on my belly. Haha, whatever gets you through the day, you know? It was all in good fun until they left. There I was, midsection completely exposed, paper gown tucked in my pants, with a weird message to Dr. Doom written in gel on my belly. It was quite awkward. It stayed awkward for quite some time, since he didn’t come in for another twelve minutes.

By that point, I was beyond uncomfortable from laying on my back that long in a tiny overheated room. He chuckled at the joke, but it was still totally not worth it.

Then I almost saw Lenny’s junk. It was terrifying. I thought he had moved away from the danger zone so I looked back, but he had really just frozen the frame–even worse! I don’t think I saw anything, but I can’t be sure. Le sigh.

He also messed up one part which made the whole process last twenty minutes longer because he had to manually calculate the weight. Of course, he tried to claim that someone messed up his machine, but we all knew the truth. It was quite the beating.

In the end, we found out that the baby measures approximately 8 lbs 2 oz, and that it’s not so big that we have to start worrying about inducing at this point. However, he does want to talk induction at our next visit. I’m taking my mother in law to this one, partly because she’s a former OB nurse and also because internals aren’t nearly as fun without an audience.


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