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Well now I’ve done it January 2, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — aggieonboard @ 9:37 pm

I gave my dad my blog address about two hours ago. I spent the last two hours wondering just how many times I’ve typed ass, hell,damn, or some variation thereof since I’ve started this thing.

Dad’s a pretty cool guy, so I think he’ll handle it ok. Still, I’m a bit wary. Time to scroll back through the old posts and make sure I didn’t say anything too incriminating.

Dinner was fabulous, our server was not. Mr. Aggie only tipped 15%, which is a big slap in the face as far as he’s concerned. However, since that’s a pretty standard rate most people probably don’t notice. It makes him feel better, though.

Now he’s going to watch a movie I have no interest in (Death Race) and I didn’t even put up a fight at blockbuster since we both know I’ll be passed out and drooling on myself in about thirty minutes. Good times.


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