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I can’t go in there December 30, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — aggieonboard @ 6:20 pm

Pssst…there’s a fully assembled car seat, stroller, and swing in Lenny’s room. They won’t stay in there forever, obviously, but I had to put them out of sight for now. For some reason, having a car seat in my house is freaking me out. Something about that little person transporter makes this all too real.

Tomorrow I am full term. I will have a baby in the next three weeks (since Dr. Doom won’t let Baby Bighead go past his/her due date).

Holy cow.


One Response to “I can’t go in there”

  1. Lisa C Says:

    Congrats on making it full term!

    We’re 7 weeks today and still hopefull to get that far. Best of luck in the new year with your Lenny. Can’t wait to keep reading and see what happens next.

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