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No change December 29, 2008

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Lenny’s still pretty happy, safely tucked behind my cervix and will remain that way until at least next week unless, as Dr. Doom so eloquently put it, “the baby decides to do some weird-ass thing and surprise us all.” I was slightly disappointed to receive the news that nothing had changed since I was awake for three hours last night with very painful BH contractions. I even had a few real contractions mixed in there. For the most part, from 1 to 4 a.m. I was attacked by my uterus with no mercy. Stupid ute. Anyway, the appointment was all together uneventful, except that he wants to do another u/s at 39 wks to check and see just how gigantic Baby Bighead is.

Mr. Aggie took the day off today, so we’re about to put together the swing that our fabulous Aunt  Lori sent. (Once he can stop liberating the world from…someone? on the PS3, that is. Priorities, people.) If we’re feeling really crazy, we may even get out the carseat and stroller. Get excited!


3 Responses to “No change”

  1. Rachel Says:

    How do you tell the difference between BH and real contractions?

  2. MacKenzie Says:

    I was wondering that too. I always thought Braxton hicks were any contractions that didn’t produce a baby, but that was totally based off of random context clues.

    Also, getting baby stuff setup – how cute 🙂

  3. aggieonboard Says:

    I’m far from an expert on this, but according to what my OB has said they are contractions (thus there is an uncomfortable tightening sensation) but they’re not painful like actual contractions, which are apparently more like menstrual cramps on steroids. It’s harder to tell now that they are becoming more ‘uncomfortable” which is also normal. Also, MacKenzie’s right; they don’t dilate your cervix at all and therefore do not produce a baby.

    I think of them as my uterus practicing for the real thing, kind of like how singers warm up their voices before a concert.

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