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Because we only have a few weeks left December 28, 2008

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I’m starting to realize that we’ll be parents in a few weeks. I’m also realizing that we’ll then be parents for the rest of our lives. That, internets, is some terrifying stuff.

I think that sobering train of thought is what led me to bust out all the games on the wii tonight, though Mr. Aggie made me stop playing tennis after I got a bit too “intense.” I was only allowed to play on a trial basis, and neither of us really thought I’d be able to dial it down enough not to maim myself. We were right.

Then I tried guitar hero, with significantly more success. Still, the giant belly made the guitar rest at an odd angle and the neurotic part of my brain (read: all of it) worried about random cancer rays invading Lenny’s house via the remote.

[Mr. Aggie just turned on his PS3 that santa brought him, and writing this blog just got harder. It’s much more difficult to come up with pithy comments when you’re in the middle of a war zone.  If the rest of this post sucks, blame it on the fact that my bunker just got hit with a grenade.]

Earlier tonight we went to a movie (saw Marley and Me, which no pregnant lady should do. It’s the new Old Yeller, and I was a sobbing, dripping mess by the end) and then to dinner. We’re trying to get out as much as possible between now and D-Day.

In some ways I’m really preparing for Lenny’s arrival. I’ve read my Baby 411 book cover to cover, organized his closet, planned what else to buy, etc. In other ways, I’m in complete denial. I haven’t washed a single item of clothing for the babe, nor have I begun to pack a hospital bag. We haven’t built/unpacked any of the baby contraptions (swing, carseat, stroller), either.

If Lenny were to be born tomorrow, we’d have to bring him home in a target sack and let him sleep in a dresser drawer. Speaking of tomorrow, it’s my weekly date with Dr. Doom. This appointment is much earlier (9:15) so I will spend less of my dad dreading it. Between the post-Christmas weigh-in and the invasion of my ladybits, I’d have to say it’s my most dreaded appt to date.

Update to follow.


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