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My poor neglected blog December 14, 2008

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This week has been insane, but it will look like a Sunday afternoon stroll compared to the week ahead. This weekend we had my parents stay with us to attend my master’s graduation and a co-ed baby shower lunch yesterday, followed by a romantic dinner for two last night for Mr. Aggie’s birthday. The lunch was fabulous–most of my favorite people in attendance, all of them bringing us (i.e. Lenny) gifts. The graduation ceremony was mind-numbingly long and boring and featured the worst graduation speaker in commencement history. The dinner was quite romantical and delicious. 

I know I’m doing a lame job on this post, but Mr. Aggie is ready to watch a movie and I’m holding up the show. We’re trying to relax as much as possible today, since we have work and an after-work commitment every day this week. Tomorrow and Tuesday we have our last two “how not to suck at parenting” classes, Wednesday we have his work Christmas dinner, and Thursday we have a date with his family that’s coming in from New Hampshire for the wedding. Friday through Sunday Mr. Aggie abandons me to attend the wedding. Tear. 

This week, it’s all about survival. Hang on, Lenny, it’s going to get crazy. 



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