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Another date with Dr. Doom November 24, 2008

Filed under: pregnancy — aggieonboard @ 4:36 pm

At my appointment this morning, everything looked great. I only gained two pounds, which is fantastic because I started eating cheese and fruit two weeks ago on the sly. I of course did not confess this to Dr. Doom. Would you?

I’m still measuring ahead of schedule and quite large, so he wants to do a sonogram tomorrow to see if Lenny is a sumo wrestler to-be or if there’s too much water in the pool. I’m excited to see him/her again. Mr. Aggie is taking off work to come along, mostly because he doesn’t think I can be trusted to see the kid again without checking out his/her private parts. And he’s right.

I’ll update tomorrow afternoon about the ultrasound. For now, I’m trying to limit my computer usage, lest my fingers wander over to Google and start researching all things terrible about excess fluid. Oh, I almost forgot. Proving yet again the universe has a sense of humor, my random fear of the week has been low fluid.

While I’m actively not-Googling, I’ll be writing thank you notes from our shower Friday night. “Dear random co-worker of Mr. Aggie, Thank you so much for the butt wipes. I can’t wait to use them!”

Before I go, I’m way behind on pictures of Lenny’s house. Here’s one from a week or two ago:



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