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Awesomely inappropriate comment of the day October 9, 2008

Filed under: pregnancy — aggieonboard @ 6:35 pm

“Wow! You’re just getting bigger every day now, aren’t you?”

Desired response; “Wow, you’re even more of a douche today than yesterday. Also remarkable!”

Actual response: “Hmmm, guess so.”

To the non-inhabited out there, my proposed retort probably seems like overkill. However, there’s something about the insanely destabilizing forces behind human-building that make one quite sensitive and hormonal. Telling a rapidly expanding, chemically-imbalanced woman that she is growing larger by the day is just not prudent. Trust me on this.


One Response to “Awesomely inappropriate comment of the day”

  1. JeDeeLenae Says:

    LOL, don’t you love the inappropriate comments? Love the come back though. If more pregnant women said what they were thinking, I think less people would make those comments.

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