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Lenny has a landing spot. September 20, 2008

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Here’s the crib and dresser we bought. We decided against the hutch, since the room is about the size of an upscale closet. Trying to keep it simple, you know. We also decided on the travel system (car seat + stroller) we wanted, which I was really stressed about. We bought the crib and dresser but we’re registering for the travel system. Why buy for yourself when others are willing to buy for you, no?

After that adventure, we had some lunch and bought our groceries. Now we’re relaxing at home, watching A&M vs. Miami, and then we’ll attempt to put our house back together. (We had new floors put in last week, so almost all of our worldly possessions are in the garage.)

Also, Lenny likes candy corn.


2 Responses to “Lenny has a landing spot.”

  1. Craig Says:

    Yo. We are still heading up that way this weekend. We’ll be in the museum part of Ft. Worth Saturday, so maybe we could do lunch.

  2. Blair Says:

    I’m in love. It’s beautiful!

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