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Screw you, Dr. Doom September 15, 2008

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I had a fairly uneventful appointment today, except for the part where I still gained four pounds even after being assigned-and following-the most cruel pregnancy diet known to man. Dr. Doom still declared this a success, and decreed that the torturous regiment will continue throughout the pregnancy. I need a new doctor.

In happier news, Lenny has been moving a ton and I can feel it. At the appointment, Dr. Nunez commented on how much he/she was moving around and laughed when Lenny kicked the doppler (twice). Mr. Aggie finally got to feel him/her kick (or punch) last night. It was so special to see him really connect with el bebe. I know he knows there’s a live being in there, but it takes on a whole new level of reality when you actually feel it for yourself.

Other than that, this week is complete and total chaos. I’m moving back to 5th grade, which means I had to start off the day by breaking up with 16 eight year olds. It sucked. I have to move out (into this crappy room that features a partition instead of a wall, and houses the insanely, obnoxiously loud theater arts teacher on the other side) and might start with the new class as early as Thursday. You’d think my principal would give me more warning than that, unless of course you knew him.

In order to maximize the chaos in my world, Mr. Aggie and I are having every scrap of flooring replaced in our house this week. The tile (replacing vinyl) is awesome. The carpet (replacing nasty carpet) is…still carpet. I hate all carpet, I think it’s all ugly and I couldn’t find anything I liked. The Mr. decided on something, which has morphed into a dark brown shag in my mind but (hopefully) won’t be that bad. I’m not optimistic. (Surprise, surprise.)


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