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An update about nothing September 6, 2008

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Things are cruising right along, both here and with Lenny (I think, though I can’t see for myself). I’m in the midst of my first extended craving: an affinity for corn dogs that borders on obsession. I think what I really like about it is the mustard, but the nitrates are awfully enticing in their own right. I’m still following my doctor’s diet, and I hope the newfound love for battered pig parts doesn’t offset my hard work.

We went to the Red Sox game last night since they were in town to publicly humilate the Rangers. I wore the same t-shirt I bought in Boston in July to wear to the game at Fenway, and this time Lenny took up a lot more of it. I hope people could tell I was pregnant and didn’t think I was just deluding myself about my beer belly or that I don’t own a mirror.

I’m still not feeling the kid much, even though I read he/she is supposed to be the same length as a banana. You’d think you would feel that. I’m not in a rush to start getting assaulted from the inside, so I don’t mind waiting awhile longer.

Mr. Aggie has gone to get a haircut, but when he gets back I think we might go do a little shopping for el bebe and for his/her mommy. I plan on milking these last four months (when everything is about me me me) for all that I can. Once the baby’s born I’m pretty sure no one will look at me again for at least a year.


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