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Kids say the darnest things; adults the most inappropriate August 16, 2008

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So I’ve been up at school every day for the last two weeks trying to get things ready for school since I’m switching from 5th to 3rd (not by choice). For the first week and half there were only a handful of people around, so all I had to do was let it slip to the secretary that I’m pregnant and everyone else knew within the hour. No muss, no fuss.

Then it got more complicated. With more people around, some started asking questions before the secretary could pass along the info. A few asked my best friend, a fellow teacher. My favorite quote from those nosy Nellies would have to be “Is Aggie pregnant? ‘Cuz I know she wasn’t that big when school got out!” Still, that is less awkward than the exchange when I told my 64 year old colleague:

Me: “So did you hear my news?”

Her: “No, what?”

Me: “I’m having a baby!”

Her: “[Excited exclamation]! That’s wonderful! I was just thinking you must have had a summer of good eatin’! Up here [gestures to her boobs] is a lot bigger, too. I mean, dang, girl!”

Me: “Umm, thanks?”

I’ve decided that telling people you’re pregnant is pretty awkward all around. Even if the conversation stays well within the confines of proper social etiquette, you’re still disclosing to someone that you and your spouse have sex and that said sex resulted in the creation of another human. If this is someone you interact with only infrequently, it’s even weirder. “Hey, Bob from accounting, just wanted to let you know that Hubs and I have been doin’ it like rabbits recently, and it seems his boys can swim. High five!”

So as you can surmise, I’ll be glad when I’m no longer at the in-between stage of “fat v. pregnant” that leaves people who haven’t seen me in awhile wondering if I spent the whole summer at Krispy Kreme. It would be nice if strangers could tell, also, but I don’t want to be too greedy.

Now I’m off to buy a baby name book, since I’m no longer confident in our two choices for boy names. Mr. Aggie really likes one name that I’m not sold on and I was championing another that he’s not too fond of. Now I’ve decided that I don’t like either of them so we’re going to play a little game of Baby Name Roulette later tonight. Wish us luck!


One Response to “Kids say the darnest things; adults the most inappropriate”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I’m hoping that sometime around my 60th birthday or so, I receive an official License to Say Anything, because it seems like that’s what happens to all old ladies.

    Yay baby names!

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