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Pregnancy as a magnifying glass August 3, 2008

Filed under: pregnancy,religion — aggieonboard @ 6:37 pm

I’ve heard of people having babies (or poking holes in jimmy hats for that purpose) in order to ‘save’ failing relationships. What a horrible idea.  My marriage is incredibly blessed and stable, but our current state is a magnifying glass (hence the title) for every difference between us.

Discipline? Mostly agreed, though it’s just theoretical and won’t come into play until Timmy throws a tantrum.

Routines? Agreed on the importance of, and since I’m a freak about them they’ll probably come to fruition-eventually.

Money? Even if you’re well-off you still worry about providing for yourself and your child. Every purchase now gets extra scrutiny. In this area we’re doing fine.

For us, the biggest concern is religion. I grew up in an incredibly small (and small-minded) town where the question wasn’t if you went to church, but where you went to church. You don’t see much of a difference between Church of Christ and Southern Baptists? In my hometown it was like Protestants v. Catholics. (Don’t even get me started on the actual Catholics…)

Since that time, I’ve adopted an “us vs. them” mentality about organized religion. My spouse, who was raised Catholic, has a more favorable attitude toward the institutions and would like to see us find some kind of church to raise the bambino in.  So we had a big discussion (discussion = mommy meltdown, par for the course at this point) and have agreed to find the most liberal Methodist Church in the metroplex and give it a try. Wish us luck.


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